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Meaningful & Memorable

Matt Halbach is a talented and skilled Keynote Speaker who knows how to get a crowd inspired. With a focus on the saints, scripture and God's Mercy, your audience will be fully engaged throughout.

Deacon Matt loves to work with you and prepare presentations for almost any topic. Some talk titles he has done before include:

Becoming a Parish of Mercy

Seeing as God Sees: Orientating Faith to Life

Missionary Discipleship

The Art of Accompaniment

Deacon Matt’s presentation, Seeing as God See’s: Orientating Faith to Life, is an authentically engaging and spiritual journey.  Grounded in scripture and mindful of everyday life, this 45-minute experience is reflective and interactive.  Attendees will walk away from this presentation with a deeper understanding that faith is not only about actions and beliefs but is a beautiful way of seeing with our hearts.

Dcn Matt Halbach has unfolded new insights of what mercy is. It was an engaging talk that gave me clear, relatable ways to extend mercy toward others  and to deeply feel loved by God in His gift of infinite mercy for me.  One of the best talks on mercy I have heard.

Hayley Laverne, Rhode Island

Julie Nelson, Des Moines

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