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With his warm, personable and dynamic style, Deacon Matt is able to lead memorable retreats filled with great faith sharing as well as growth in one's personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the retreats Deacon Matt has led in the past but will work with you to lead the perfect retreat for your needs:

Marriage Retreats (led with wife, Stacy)

Diaconate Retreats

Deacons and Wives Retreat (led with wife, Stacy)

Catechetical Retreats 

matt and stacy praying and singing.jpg

The Deacon Retreat at the Creighton University Retreat Center, lead by Deacon Matt Hallbach, was one of the best that I remember. Deacon Matt helped us to “see as God sees” better by using the eyes of our hearts. His use of scripture and Lexio Divina engaged our minds and brought forth wonderful insights from those deacon who were in attendance. Deacon Matt’s relaxed and engaging style was a pleasure to witness.  He has the ability to connect with what various participants heard in Lexio, and expand those thoughts to the benefit of all.  The faith sharing in small and large groups was also enlightening, after all there was a wealth of lived experience in ministry gathered there. Plus, I gained pages of homily material.  It was great to be gathered with my brother deacons again. I am looking forward to future retreats along these lines.

Deacon Bob McClellan, Council Bluffs

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